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Tulip Tree Family Health Care
123 N. McCreary Street
Ft. Branch, IN 47648


Dear Community Neighbor,

Everything we do at Tulip Tree Family Health Care is possible because of our community’s gracious support. We provide accessible and affordable medical and dental services to uninsured and underinsured residents of Gibson County and the surrounding area… with respect, compassion and understanding.

Our Medical and Dental Programs address very real needs…

•  Mary feels really sick and goes to the emergency room. They tell her she is diabetic. Without insurance, where can she afford to go for the ongoing primary care she now needs?
  •  Jim and Hilda are on Medicare, but dental care isn’t covered. On a limited income, where can they go for affordable dental care?
  •  Tom’s and Mary’s three kids come down with strep while he is between jobs with no health insurance. A trip to the urgent care could cost $500 or more. The family simply can’t afford it right now.
  •  Jill thinks she’s pregnant, doesn’t have insurance or any idea what to do next. Where can she go for testing, help signing up for Medicaid and referral to an OB/GYN?
  •  Mia’s children need preventive medical and dental care to help them grow up strong and healthy. Insurance is not available through her husband’s employer. How do they afford the care the family needs?

Tulip Tree Family Health Care is the answer! We are not a free medical or dental clinic. Yet, almost every individual and family that comes to us is eligible for affordable discounted fees, based on family income. For those with insurance, we accept most private insurance plans, in addition to Medicare, Indiana and Illinois Medicaid and Indiana HIP 2.0 Insurance. We also help people determine if they are eligible to enroll in health insurance coverage. 

Community support from neighbors like you makes everything we do at Tulip Tree possible. Your contributions help fill the gap between patient fees and our operational expenses. 

So won’t you please consider a gift of any amount – every donation is important! We thank you for considering our request. Please call if you have questions or would like more information.

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