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Tulip Tree Family Health Care is staffed by Family Nurse Practitioners and Family Practice Physicians who are educated in primary care and dedicated to offering a full range of medical services.  This includes areas ranging from preventative medicine to treatment.  Our providers strive to offer education to each patient to help them build and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle in as comfortable and affordable a situation as possible.  We also offer well-visits for infants and children, acute sickness visits, physical exams, female exams, flu vaccine clinics, and limited school/sports exams.

Dental Services

There is a great need for dental services in our area, and we are here to help!  Tulip Tree accepts patients of all ages.  As soon as your little one has a mouth full of teeth, they should receive routine dental care.  Our goal is to make preventative services available and affordable for all of our patients.  Along with regular cleanings and exams, our dental staff can help you get your bright smile back if you require more than preventative care.  Services include fillings, sealants, extractions, and dentures.  For dental services we accept Medicaid, many private insurances, and offer income based discounts for most of our uninsured patients.

Behavioral Health Services

We believe that mental health is extremely important for the overall health of our patients.  Our behavioral health providers offer counseling for all types of psychological and behavioral health conditions.  Services are provided for patients of all ages.  We can assist with issues related to family, marriage/relationships, grief, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, child and adolescent behavior, and many other areas.  Our behavioral health providers work closely with our medical providers to assure coordinated care of mutual patients.

Health Education

Education sessions are available to our patients for a variety of topics, including smoking cessation, nutrition, and diabetic care.

Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program

In offering affordable healthcare to our community, we are pleased to be able to provide a Sliding Fee Discount Program to those individuals/families who qualify.  This program allows us to discount our fees and services based on the total household income.  If you are interested in the Sliding Fee Discount Program, contact us today for eligibility and documentation requirements.  You can also find more information in the F.A.Q. section.


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